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2022 has been another fabulous year for the students of Saint Patrick’s College Yet again, our wonderful students have excelled and exceeded all expectations and have achieved outstanding results which have assured them secure career pathways and bright futures. We are delighted that a record number of pupils have chosen to return to our school to study A levels, where they know they will continue to receive the support, care and advice required to achieve success. We hope that our students who have chosen alternative career pathways continue to work hard to secure the best outcomes; they know that we as a school are never too far away if they need advice or guidance.

I want to pay tribute to the staff of the school who work tirelessly with all of our pupils, going over and above each and every time. The partnership we have with parents and guardians continues to be a key ingredient in our success and they are always willing participants in how we support our students. I also want to acknowledge the Banbridge Area Learning Community and the role it plays in ensuring our pupils have a broad and balanced curriculum. As we embark on the next academic year we are delighted that we can build upon the excellent results our Year 11 pupils achieved in GCSE modules and I have no doubt, August 2023 will be just as joyous an occasion as today.

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