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St. Patrick's Staff

Mrs R. Woods


Mrs F. Hartigan

Vice Principal

Mrs F. McKeever

Senior Teacher, SENCO, Religious Studies & English

Mr R. McCabe

Senior Teacher, Digital Technology, ICT & Art & Design

Mr R. Forrest

Learning Support Centre, History

Miss AM Canavan

Learning Support Centre

Miss P. Coleman

Head of Mathematics

Mr A. Kearney

Head of Physical Education, BTEC Sport

Mrs L. O'Grady

Head of English & Literacy Co-ordinator

Mrs M. Dunne

Mathematics & Numeracy Co-ordinator

Mrs A. Boyle

Head of Religion

Mr S. Rafferty

Head of Music

Mrs A. McGlade

Head of Art & Design

Mrs D. Gartland

Head of Science

Ms J. Hutcheon


Mrs L. Concannon

Head of Year, Head of Environment & Society & Geography

Mrs A. McNeill

Learning Support Centre

Mrs M. Lively

Head of Post 16, CEIAG Co-ordinator, Business & Communication Systems & ICT

Mrs C. Reynolds

Head of Year, Head of Health &Social Care Sciences, Childcare, Health & Social Care & LLW

Miss L. Whan

Head of Year, Mathematics

Miss R. Mussen


Miss V. Frame


Mrs L. Malcomson

Head of Year, English

Mr J. McArdle

Technology & Design

Miss O. Gribben

Head of Technology & Design, Construction

Mrs T. Dillon

Co-ordinator of Vocational Subjects, Shared Education Co-ordinator, ICT, Health & Social Care & LLW

Mr C. Madden

Irish, Publicity and Marketing Co-ordinator

Mrs J. Quinn


Mrs M. McGinley

Physical Education, BTEC Sport

Miss A. Malone

Science, Religious Studies

Mrs S. Molloy-Preedy


Miss C. McAuley

Head of Languages, Spanish

Mrs C.L Fleming

Home Economics, LLW & Head of Year 

Ms M. Lennon

Assistant SENCO, Business & Communication Systems, ICT & Prince’s Trust

Mr N. Donnelly

Physical Education, BTEC Sport

Miss A. Cassidy

Business & Communication Systems, ICT, Maths & Science

Mrs E. Salisbury

Head of History

Mrs C. Sinclair

Head of Year, English

Miss S. O’Neill


Mrs M. Connolly


Mrs P. Boyle

Religious Studies

Miss R. Campbell

Religious Studies

Mrs A. McSorley


Mrs A.M. McVeigh

Physical Education, BTEC Sport

Mrs J. Condon

Business Studies & Careers

Mrs G. Quinn


Miss J. Baird

Home Economics & Art

Mr D. McCrory


Miss O. Cushley


Support Staff

Mrs T. Travers

Executive Officer

Mrs C. Sole

Clerical Officer

Mr T. Lunny

Clerical Officer

Mrs K. Owens

Sixth Form Supervisor

Mrs C. McCullough

Sixth Form Pastoral Support & Chaplain

Mr K. Loughlin

Building Supervisor

Mrs S. Diamond

Assistant Building Supervisor

Classroom Assistants

Mrs J. Rooney

Ms. S. McSweeney

Ms. A. McEwan

Miss S. Owens

Miss R. Keeley

Mrs G. Martin

Mrs A. Freeburn

Mrs L. O’Hagan

Mrs T. Elwood

Mrs S. Young

Mrs S. McCooey

Mrs S. Fullerton

Miss S. O’Brien

Miss P. Brady

Mrs J. Siviter

Miss V. Gordon

Mrs T. McAleenan

Miss N. McCrory

Mrs C. McBride

Mr S. Annett

Mrs L. Loney

Mrs L. Knox

ICT Technician

Mr. K. McKernan

Home Economics Technician​

Ms U. McCaffrey

Science Technician​s

Mr P. Travers

Technology & Design & Art Technician

Miss B. Kerr

Supervisory Staff

Mrs S. Diamond

Mrs D. Boyle

Mrs J. Finnegan

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