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Special Educational Needs Coordinator

In St Patrick’s College our Learning Support Centre is comprised of three classes, each taught by a specialist teacher and supported by experienced classroom assistants. All pupils in the L.S.C. are taught general subjects by their class teacher and attend specialist subject teachers for practical lessons. At Key Stage 3 the pupils follow adapted schemes of work in line with pupils in their year group. At Key Stage 4 the pupils follow a range of courses which lead to external accreditation and which prepares the pupils for the world of work, the world of living and the world of leisure. There is an opportunity at both key stages to attend classes in mainstream in order to cater for the individual needs of each child

St Patrick’s College has a qualified SENCo who leads all staff in supporting pupils who have Special Educational Needs. Our purpose is to ensure that the academic and personal needs of all our pupils are met. Literacy and Numeracy support is available at KS3 to pupils who are identified as requiring support in this area.  We aim to create an environment that is sympathetic and supportive to pupils who exhibit learning and behavioural difficulties so that their learning is optimised. We have a fully equipped sensory room that pupils can use to alleviate stress or anxiety caused by sensory issues. To view our school sensory room facility, click here

We have a team of highly qualified, experienced classroom assistants who support the pupils academically, socially and emotionally. Regular training is provided for all staff on a range of SEN issues.

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