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Online Safety

In light of the increased availability of the Internet and the growing dangers it possesses, we endeavour to provide all our pupils with an in-depth awareness and knowledge base about the dangers existent online and safety measures to take to minimise impact on online social profiles and real-life profiles. 


Young people are typically experts on the Internet nowadays and parents may feel left behind, therefore there are ample resources specifically for parents available online to better equip you with the latest information.  Resources are available on websites such as  where you can access the area on the site, specifically for parents, which identifies and describes key communication technologies and how young people use them. For more parental tips and advice relating to ‘Online Safety’, browse the links listed below. 

In response to the growing landscape of safeguarding and the impact of the digital world on modern society, we have signed up to Safer Schools NI: the home of online safeguarding for school communities in Northern Ireland. For more information, click here

To sign up to our school Safer Schools NI Parent/Careers app, parents/guardians are encouraged to check their SIMs Parent App and/or email inbox for registration steps.

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