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Student Counselling

In St. Patrick’s we are passionate about improving the mental health of our young people.  It is our aim that no one should journey alone through difficult times.

Our discreet provision of counselling is available to all pupils once per week.  We also have a school chaplain who is at hand at any time throughout the school day to support our pupils with their emotional health and wellbeing.  We are of firm belief that a happy child is a happy learner.

Links counselling service provide counselling to our students in a safe and confidential space in school to look at and talk about worries or concerns.  The counselling service helps change how our students think, feel and cope.


Drop In - Sometimes someone may want to speak to the counsellor but are not sure it requires a counselling appointment and there is the option to drop in to see the counsellor. This is not counselling although it is confidential and offers the opportunity to discuss something that may be worrying you and decide if counselling may be something you want to do.

It is an opportunity to check out if speaking to the counsellor is for you!

We all have ups and downs and we all have a story. Outlined below are just several quotes from some of our students who received counselling.

  • “It was treasured time”

  • “I felt the weight coming off my shoulders”

  • “ I began to hope again”

  • “My life is different now”

  • “I was able to off load all my worries” 

If you are struggling, no matter how big or small your problem is, speak to a member of staff and a referral can be made to links counselling or just drop in.

We believe that no one should journey alone!

To view information about telephone and web support options for young people, click here

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