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Business Studies

Department Staff

Mrs M Lively

Mrs F Hartigan

Subject Information

The Business Studies Department is committed to providing pupils with exciting and up to date business knowledge and experience. We strive to provide students with a better understanding of business through active participation in the business environment. Students are given the opportunity to apply knowledge to current issues and problems.

We aim to give students an insight into how and why businesses operate.  Students learn and develop valuable skills such as team work, communication, using their initiative, and evaluation skills.   Students take part in enterprise activities, industrial visits and throughout their time studying business studies they listen and ask questions to guest speakers.

Curriculum Information

Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

Business Communication Systems (CCEA)

Through studying GCSE in Business and Communication Systems, students gain practical ICT skills and gain an understanding of how these skills are used to enhance business activities.  Students also get the opportunity to learn about business operations including marketing, human resources and how business is changing because of digital technology.  Overall students develop a lifelong interest and enjoyment of business that could potentially lead to a related further study or employment.

Specification at a glance





Unit 1

Use of ICT


  • File management

  • Word-Processing

  • Spreadsheets

  • Databases

  • Presentations

  • Web browsing & internet searching

  • Email

  • Web Authoring

External Computer-based Exam


(2 hours)


Students complete tasks using a range of software applications



Unit 2

The Business Environment


  • Types of business ownership

  • Stakeholders

  • Communication

  • Digital trading

  • Recruitment

  • Selection

  • Training

  • Implications of digital technology for business and customers

  • Marketing

External Written Exam


(1 hour)




Terminal Assessment

Unit 3

Developing Digital Solutions


  • Planning & researching

  • Using software applications

  • Evaluation

Controlled Assessment


Students project manage and develop a digital solution for a given problem within a business context.



Curriculum Information

Key Stage 5 (GCE/A-Level)

Professional Business Services (CCEA)

Professional business services are critical to the success of the UK economy.  They are a growth area in a global market.  People who work in professional business services support businesses in all sectors by providing specialist advice.  This support can include a range of services in areas such as accountancy, management, recruitment, human resources, auditing, consultation, data analysts, risk management and technology and communications.

Professional business services provides students the opportunity to gain an understanding of clients’ markets and will enable them to develop a sound knowledge of market research, consultancy practices and client relationships. Students will be required to work independently, develop their research skills and get the opportunity to work with others throughout the course. 

Specification at a glance





Unit AS 1 

Introduction to Professional Business Services

External Written Examination

30% of AS

12% of A Level

Year 13

Unit AS 2 

Human Resource Services

Internal Assessment 

Portfolio based on a pre-release case study

40% of AS

16% of A Level

Year 13

Unit AS 3 

Financial Decision Making

External Written Examination

30% of AS

12% of A Level

Year 13

Unit A2 1 

Technology in Business

External Written Examination

18% of A Level

Year 14

Unit A2 2 

Leadership & Management

External Written Examination

18% of A Level

Year 14

Unit A2 3 

Project Management Skills & Processes

Internal Assessment

Portfolio of evidence for a project management task

24% of A Level

Year 14


Young Enterprise

A team of dedicated students develop products for sale in school and the local community.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers are used regularly to consolidate learning.


Administration, Advertising & Marketing, Accountancy, Banking, Business Studies Teacher, Finance, Insurance, Journalism, Law, Hotel Management, Human Resource Management.

Useful Links

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